10 Minute Yoga Challenge

10 Minute Yoga Challenge

The Holiday season is a wonderful time of the year filled with love, laughter, and stress. Yes, Stress. We really don’t mean to stress out around this time of the year, I even try to plan as to reduce the amount of stress. However; it does seem to inevitable for us busy body people. So what is a Mama to do when she has so much to do around the house, work, take care of the kids' yadda yadda yadda?


This really is the hardest thing to do myself, but we all really should be doing it for ourselves.  Stop thinking about everyone else and think about your body.

Not in “Ugh I really shouldn’t have had that last donut this morning” kinda way, but the “Hmm, my body deserves so attention, after all, it does for me “ way.

I always, ALWAYS, seem to find an excuse to not take 10 minutes to de-stress my body. So I propose a challenge for this Holiday season.

The 10 Minute Stretch Challenge.

I do realize that this really doesn’t sound like much, but honestly, it really doesn’t take much to help improve your mood and body.

So what do we do in this challenge?

1. Set aside 10 minutes a day (or if really needed just stop what you are doing and start)

2. Stretch your body and only think about your body while you are doing this. You don’t want your mind to wander onto other things.

3. Drink at least a glass of water when you are done.

So what kind of stretches will be good to re-leave stress in our body?

Originally, I was going to just do my usual warm-up routine. However; I think if I'm going to challenge myself I should learn as well so after I fell down the Pinterest Rabbit hole I discovered a very informative blog, Jason Crandell Yoda Method. 

They have an article "Essential Sequence: Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Back " that goes right along with my thoughts here. It is important to take time and work yourself, your upper body, to relieve the stress that we are constantly under. 

The below sequence chart can be found on their page as well, and this is the Challenge I propose to all who would like to join me. Challenge yourself to do this chart everyday. It will take 10-15 to complete the sequence which is a perfect amount of time to stop, relax and clear our mind and body. 


upper body yoga sequence

Just looking at this sequence of yoga moves makes my back excited with anticipation with the relief it will feel in a week or two. Yes, unfortunately, it will take at least a week before my bad does start to feel the relief of the daily challenge, so don't give up on it. 

So who is with me? Will you do the 10 Minute Yoga Challenge with me. Leave a comment below if you are in! Help your body handle the stress that this Holiday season will bring upon your aching back. 

Follow only in this Challenge as I check in periodically through the week with updates on my Challenge progress. 

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