20 amazing and simple last minute halloween costumes

20 Amazing and Simple Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon us. Are you ready?

I have lost track of the number of times that I kept putting off getting my Halloween costume. Oh, I still have time I will get it later. No biggie.

Fast forward me to Halloween. Oh, Crap no costume. Uggg

Well, It’s not a problem any longer for you to wait until the last minute and still have a hilarious costume. Even better a costume that you might already have the items for or don’t need to spend much on.

Really what can be better than that?

After scouring Pinterest I discovered some amazing ideas that I can guarantee I will be trying out in future years.

In no particular order here are Twenty (20) awesome and easy Halloween costumes. 

1. Tina from Bob’s Burgers

My first thought on this is if you don’t know who I’m talking about then you really need to catch up on some Bob’s Burgers. I love the show and relate to their family in so many ways I think I’m a distant relative of theirs.

Tina’s costume is so simple Blue shirt, black skirt, tall socks, chucks and a beret with glasses. I love how in this photo she went as far as having Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction journal with her. PERFECT!

Girl dressed up at tina from bobs burgers

2. Netflix and Chill

Girls dressed up as netflix and chill

3. Mike Wazowski

This shirt is just perfect. Even if you don’t have the items at home (green tee, felt for the eyes and mouth and glue) it isn’t expensive to make one quickly.

Mike Wazowski Tshirt halloween costum

4. Stick people!

I fell in love with both of these stick people options. I think that doing a combination of the two would work really well too. Seriously, what could be easier?

woman dressed up as a glow in the dark stick figure man in white outfit with black taped for stick figure

5. Batman!

This Batman cap is so amazing I will be making one for my son to wear. Really? So simple it is ridiculous. (I didn't post a link to this image because I couldn't find the original for this and Pinterest had this link go to furniture) The diagram is awesome and I wish I could give the credit

batman cape diy

6. Dominoes

I giggled so much when I found this dominoes costume. Great for friends to dress up together for. Black tee and pants with felt circles taped to you and white duct tape! Win

Dominoes halloween costume

7. Hey Wilson?

What can I do for you, Tim? Bahahaha This is awesome. You can give people advice all night long and never show them your face.

man dressed up as wilson from Home IMprovement

8. Pack-man Game… Nom nom nom nom

Black Dress, Felt cutouts with either tap or temporary stitching? Adorable. You could even make it permanent and have an amazing dress. Just a suggestion from one nerd to another.

woman dressed up as pacman game

9. Little Ghost

little ghost costume

10. Peter Pan and Shadow

I think this idea for friends or couples to do for Peter Pan. Personally, I want to be the shadow so that I can make mischief wherever I go. Well, more so than Peter at least.

couple peter pan halloween costume

11. Captain Underpants….

Yes. Just Yes.

captain underpants Halloween costume

12. Burglar Costume

burglar costume for halloween

13. Instagram post

I think this is a great costume idea for parties. You will get some amazing photos and its just super cute to begin with.

instagram halloween costume

14. Arthur

I do believe this will be my costume next year. I grew up with Arthur and this person was just brilliant. I mean how cute is she with the ears.

arthur halloween costume

15. Minions

girls minions outfits with tutus

16. Super Mario Bros (Sisters)

mario and luigi halloween costume with tutus

17. Wonder woman

wonder woman costume with tutu

18. Skeleton

skeleton costume 

19. Pineapple

pineapple costume

20. Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone costume


I just need to say I have so many ideas now it is just ridiculous.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Did any of the above spark any ideas for your costume this year? 


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