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Twenty Years of Harry Potter. 
As I stand in line at the grocery store Reading this on the cover of a Magazine I am just floored. 
I immediately started mentally counting my fingers in my head going, "No, that can't be right" I'm not that old... Am I? So, of course, I don't believe the magazine cover and Google it. Duh
Publications print incorrect information as their covers all the time people. Right?!
(Phone screen shows)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released on
June 26, 1997. 
[Head swings down in defeat] Damn, I am that old. 
Harry Potter has been apart of all of our lives for Twenty years now, and for some of us, that is depressing. I love Harry Potter.
I will be honest and say I do not know nearly as much as I thought I did about the Harry Potter. I discovered this as I did some reading about Harry Potter.  I am on the more calm side of the Potter-heads. 
I wasn't able to read the book in one sitting. This was mostly due to the fact that I'm a very slow reader. I mean like painfully slow. However; I did fly through the books in my own special way. 
So, in the spirit of learning new things I thought I would share some of the absolutely wonderful information that I have learned about Harry Potter during my recent readings. Many of these facts might not be new information to you, but I was shocked by some of what I read. 
Harry potter dementor flying over water to hogwarts
1. The Dementors are based on Rowling's struggle with Depression after the passing of her Mother. As someone who suffers from depression, this just blew my mind. I didn't have the issues at the time when the books and movies came out, but I completely see it with the Dementors. 
siris black2. Rowling originally was going to kill off Arthur Weasley and keep Sirius Black alive. I am happy that Arthur Weasley wasn't killed off, but at the same time, I really wanted Sirius and Harry to do the whole family thing. *Sigh* Oh well. 
Harry Potter on the Train to hogwarts in the sorcerers stone with wand in his face
3. This isn't exactly a fact about Harry Potter, but Danielle Radcliffe. He was allergic to the glasses that he had to wear. Apparently, they made him break out. The hard life of being a child actor. 
lilly and severus flash back laying on the ground staring at the sky
4. Alan Rickman was given direction or rather secret information regarding the motivation behind his character. He knew before everyone else, aside from Rowlings, that Snape had been in love with Lily which is why he hated James and so transferred his dislike unto Harry. 
Harry Potters birthday cake
5. Harry Potter and J.K. Rowlings share a birthday. You heard me. I'm thinking she just wanted to use her own birthday because, well why not. I know I would. Less for her to remember right? 
hermione, ron and harry working on school work
6. Harry, Ron and Hermione, I mean Daniel, Emma and Rupert were doing real schoolwork on film. It wasn't just props for the filming. I don't know how this would be beneficial, but I suppose if it takes all day to film the 15 minutes of movie yeah do homework. Two birds people. 
harry potter on his broom playing quidditch
7. Quidditch was invented after Rowlings and her boyfriend got into a fight during a sports discussion. I can imagine a couple different reason why she would do this, but most of them are just ways to be annoying to your significant other.
8. Dumbledore is Old English for "bumblebee". I'm not really sure why, but I find this very fitting to Dumbledore. I think its part of his personality for me. 
Harry Potter has held a very special place in our hearts for various reasons. The stories transport us to far away places where magic and mermaids exist. Life wasn't perfect in this world, but our friends were loyal and we all fought together for what was important to us. 
What are some of your favorite Harry Potter facts or moments from the books/movies? I would love to know. 
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