Lets Purple Up

Lets Purple Up

"Not only do you have to put yourself in harm's way in service of your country, You have to leave your families at home. It is a great sacrifice." -Fred Wilson

Growing up in a family filled with people who were and are members of one of our branches of the military I have always had a great amount respect for those who serve. I never had to live through the pain of seeing my mother or father leave, but rather see it through my cousins eyes. I think my parents were the only ones in either of their family that did not enlist. However, with the words of Fred Wilson running through my mind it reminds me that those who enlist and serve are not the only ones that serve their country.  

The idea of seeing my significant other go off sometimes not even knowing where they are off to is terrifying. To be a child not understanding why their mother or father is going away is just heart wrenching to me. 

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child. The Month of the Military Child is sponsored by the Department of Defense Military Community and Family Policy as well as many other organizations like the DoDEA. 

April is a time to honor the families that have made sacrifices while their soldier is away serving our country. So how are we going to show our respect and honor them?

We are going to Purple Up! On April 13th, to show your support and Thank all the families and the children of all Military families we are going to wear Purple. 

So why Purple? Right. Purple isn't the first color I think of for the military.

Purple is the color that symbolizes all the branches of the military: Army (Green), Coast Guard (blue), Air Force (blue), Marine (red), Navy (blue).

If you are looking for a more local way to celebrate the Month I encourage you to look up your area and see if there are any programs going on. 

There are several articles with more information on the Month of the Military child if you are interested. 


Month of the Military Child 2018

MOMC Toolkit


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