Created By Nerds fun at Sabakon 2019

Created By Nerds fun at Sabakon 2019

It is nearing on our 1 year anniversary of joining the comic con world. We have been apart of several cons at this point and all of them have been amazing. Sabakon, however, was our very first Anime convention and it was absolutely fantastic. As a complete Anime nerd/ Fan girl I was in pretty much heaven getting to see everyone's cosplay of various Anime or game characters.

Sabakon took place at Alexis Park All Suites Hotel and Casino this past Sept 6 – 8th. This was my first time visiting the Hotel and I was pleasantly surprised with the Hotel. Sabakon took place in the Convention Hall of the Hotel which consisted of several Halls where you could find vendors, a swap meet, guest speakers and various other activities.

I will be honest, I wasn’t able to get away and visit all the areas of the convention, but I did thoroughly enjoy all the cosplay.

You could tell that everyone loved creating their outfits and took great pride in them. I didn't recognize everyone that I saw, but I thoroughly enjoyed every last one of them. I was very excited when I found Inyuisha and Marcelene both of which were killer.

I did notice that there was a high volume of versions of characters from High School Academia and it was amazing. I wasn’t able to get nearly the amount of photos that I would have loved to, but what can you do. I did however get a picture of a group of girls dressed as the cast from one of my favorite shows of all time, "Ouran High School Host Club". 

When I saw Luna Lovegood I almost jumped for joy. Luna is one of my favorite Harry Potter characters and Mishka Mars Cosplay did an amazing job portraying her.

At the end of the con I do believe that my favorite person I was excited about finding was Waldo. I mean who wouldn’t be excited about finding Waldo?

cosplay outfit of waldo

Who is your favorite?

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