Cinnamon Toast Graham Cracker Crust

Cinnamon Toast Graham Cracker Crust

I find it just amazing how time flies for us as we get older. Here I am in my mid-thirties and it's amazing. One minute I'm taking my son out trick or treating at the end of October and the Next day there is Christmas Music play and well just Christmas Everywhere. I lost an entire month in the blink of an eye. 

Sigh... I wish everyone around could just slow down and fully enjoy the month that is November. In Las Vegas, it is the short period of time we get between summer and winter. If we don't enjoy the little bit of the changing of the colors you will miss it. So let's sit back and take a moment to stop breathing in the pumpkin spice or chai latte's and just remember what November is about. 


Ha, you thought I was going to say family, weren't you. Well, It is about family as well, but what family wants to get together without something yummy in front of you to entertain you between those awkward moments. Food is the binder that softens all the rough moments in those political conversations or just when you don't know what to say to your mother in law when she asks about the lack of organization going on in your household. 

Every family has their "essential" items that are necessary for their holiday meals. there are those that are traditional and must have the turkey, stuffing, potato and rolls with the particular vegetables they love. 

In my household there really is only one traditional item we must have and that is pie. Pie is in my blood. That as well as Ice cream, but that is an entirely different post. 

if you have followed my postings over the last couple of years you might remember some of my posts on my pie crust that I use and the pumpkin pie that I make. I have several pies that I make, and I'm always trying out new ones. I think this year I will share a new crust that has become my most recent obsession. My Graham cracker crust. 

I have used this crust with my banana cream pie, pecan pie as well one of my favorites my Key Lime yogurt pie. 

I won't go on and on about my process for this crust but I will tell you it really is one of my favorites and its so easy to make. 

1. First I blend the crumbs. 

2. Add the sugar, cinnamon, and butter to the container.

3. blend again.

4. assemble. Now, this step is where I always have my trouble, but I will give you the tip it took me forever to figure out. Start with the sides. Put crumbs around the sides and compress to form the walls. Once the sides are assembled than add the remaining crumbs to the bottom and use a measuring cup that is flat to compress and pat down the base. 


I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. It really can be used with so many combinations. Let me hear your thoughts on the recipe. I love to try new variations and push myself as a baker. 

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