Crash today Couch tomorrow

Crash today Couch tomorrow

You never anticipate when exactly you're going to crash on a ride. Well, not until the split second before you hit the trail and all you think of is "oh shit".

Kari and Bern on bike ride

I have had many times that I have prepared myself as if I were going to crash. Imagine this. You're hitting up a fairly easy trail and decide it is probably a good idea to not only wear the standard helmet, gloves, and glasses but up it by wear knee and elbow pads. You ride the trail perfect and regret the extra weight and layer to make you sweat. Ahhhh 'tis life I suppose. I am the Girl who falls off bike. I am beginning to think of myself as a professional at this. (Not really)

I do have a special skill at it though. My most recent crash is now my top crash moment. I wasn't even mountain biking! It was still an epic crash though. With a spectacular double roll, I ended up with some wicked road rash and a knee that isn't happy.

images from kari's bicycling accident

Hitting a speed of 28.4 miles as I approached the turn I began slowing down, but not using my head I grabbed both brakes. Leaning that you don't want to use your front brake in turns. (Hmmm learn something new every day). The bike went one way and I another. Blood-curdling screams escaped my body as all I could think about was my knee.

I really wish I would have known this before my ride, but hey we live and learn. 

The pain began to subside after 10 minutes and my mood lightened. I knew I was screwed but there wasn't much I could do about it now. I was lucky enough to have people with me and crash near a fire station.

This crash will go down in my books and I will never live it down with my husband.

"Maybe you will learn to slow down now" blah blah blah

I'm still in the process of recovering from this awesome tumble as I await getting an MRI. I look forward to tonight being able to start the process of recovering to get back on the trail and on the rocks climbing. 

Follow me as I update you on the not so pleasant side of sports. 

What was your most epic crash?

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