Created By Nerds at LVL UP Expo 2020

Created By Nerds at LVL UP Expo 2020

Cosplay is by far my favorite part of going to any comic or game convention. I become giddy and overly excited as if I'm getting to meet the character in real life. Don't get me wrong I know that they aren't really the cartoon character that I has a permanent residence tucked away in my heart, but just knowing someone loves them the same as I do makes me happy. 

I'm going to get real with you here for a moment. I really don't know who some of these amazing cosplay characters are, but I still fell in love with the characters.

We attempted to tag all the cos-players that we were able to photograph below, but if you find that one of the photos don't go anywhere and you know who the person is let us know in the comments or email us and we will update the post! check out the list below as well to see who all is represented. 





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