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Kari Koenig DIY with Kids Downloadable

Yay! It's our second Coloring Page release. I know you are all as excited as I am. Believe it or not I didn't start watching Dragon Ball until a year or two ago when one of my Nerdy friends wanted a Saiyan design. I have to say that I had no idea how hilarious the show was. I mean it really shouldn't have surprised me since the show has such an enormous following. 

My goal is to one day watch all the episodes, but I will be honest that is a huge goal for myself with all the amazing anime and fandom-related entertainment there is out there. I will enjoy trying though! 

 You can find the Coloring page here

Please feel free to share it with us by tagging us at #CBNcolors so we can see and share your amazing work. Don't miss out on our Coloring page releases! Check out our Facebook group (CBN Amazazing Nerd Folk) or sign up for our email list below!  


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