Geek Chic: Artists and Creators

Geek Chic: Artists and Creators

As kids or rather that awkward stage of middle school and later High School we find ourselves struggling to find ourselves. Really, we seem to always be struggling to find our "style". This is an ongoing thing that some of eventually discover and for the rest of us it is a constant struggle. However; for me middle school and high school got a little weird. 

(Dorky Kari in High School Physics class)

(boys over sized pants, men's belt, probably wearing men's boxers with the waist band showing and a shirt that is obviously to short for my torso)

Where was "what not to wear at this point in my life" 

My fashion choices were very eclectic and I’ll be honest they still are, but I made some seriously questionable choices. I wore broken headphones as necklaces and over sized pants to hide my body. 

I will say one thing for myself. I was true to what I like. I did it even if others thought I was odd. 

It is this that I love about my younger self, and I strive to keep alive and share with the world now. 

Be true to yourself and show off your nerdy side. 

I LOVE how much easier it is to show off your nerdy side now with so many artists out there who share their passions of creations and fandom together. 

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite shops that have some adorable creations and equally adorable creators who want to share with the world everything geek!

When i first began writing and creating designs I found another blogger from Vegas that I have grown to love and respect as a creator and keeper of nerdy knowledge. Jennifer from Nerdy Vegas chic has created an amazing space where she discusses fashion in all its nerdy glory. More recently she started sharing her great love of Nerdy Saying and fandom creations with NVC Tees. I’m just loving her more recent creations from her Harley Quinn collection, but I think this sweater is my favorite. 

Artists come in many shapes, sizes and mediums. One of my favorite seamstresses out there is the creator of Galaxy Gear Boutique. The creations of Galaxy Gear Boutique primarily are on a custom order basis making them all unique and absolutely fantastic. If you are lucky enough to come across this shop at a comic con you definitely need to snag one of her amazing headbands. Galaxy Gear uses fabrics that cover fandoms of Doctor who, Marvel, Disney inspired to Horror themed prints that would spook the pants of anyone.  

(Check out these amazing pants from Galaxy Gear! ) 

Galaxy Gear Boutique

Accessorizing isn’t just one of the other ways that you get to show off your nerdy side, but it is possibly the best outlet for showing it off. I love to accessorize. 

You know the saying, “the Devil is in the details” those little things like jewelry and bags make the ensemble. 

Cupcakes and Bones makes some of the most amazing wallets that I love to tell everyone about. If you are a book nerd or even if you aren’t you will love her creations. She makes wallets, tablet cases and more out of books. These cases are so amazing and give you just that edge of nerdiness that makes you feel fabulous and chic.  I highly recommend one of her creations for that special gift for someone that has everything. I am determined to get her to make a Twilight wallet for my best friend. She will love it like I love my Edgar Allen Poe Wallet. 

(photo from @cupcakesxbones instagram page, you can also check out her etsy shop )
Cupcakes and BonesCupcakes and Bones

Created by Nerds has had its own evolution over the course of our entire 2 years of existence (WOW) which we are excited about. This mama artist has a great love for art and wearable art. In addition to the designs we do for clothing we introduced in the last year earrings and pins to the mix. You can decorate your ears with a pair of our laser engraved and hand painted stud earrings showing off your love of Pokemon, Harry Potter or even Cute and fluffy animals.  Soon we will be introducing hair ties to the collection as well. Your ponytail will go from ordinary to extraordinary. 

How do you like to show off your nerdy side? Are you the more obvious decorator and love to wear some amazing pants and shirts telling the world? Or do you prefer to be subtle about your passions in life and adorn yourself with cute bags and jewelry? 

Either way I’m sure you look fabulous. 

Make sure to check back with us for our next series of posts where we look into various methods of styling yourself geek. 


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