Behind the Artist: Mama Nerd Kari

Behind the Artist: Mama Nerd Kari

picture of artist Kari Koenig at Clexacon event

Art has always been apart of who I am. Over the years I have gone through various phases of what form of Art has captured my attention, but it has always been there helping me to stay sane.

I began with drawing and coloring very early in life. I was obsessed with crayons, carefully outlining my image just right to than shade in the areas. I didn’t ever feel like what I was creating was good or believable, but that didn’t stop me because it made me happy. As I grew older I moved into music and fully devoted myself to becoming a band geek. I will have to say I completely succeeded in that.

Family life became difficult during middle school and through High school, with a long and drawn out divorce of my parents. It was music, my drawing and friends that helped me to stay positive happy and grow as a person. I mean come on who can stay sad when their friends are teaching you how to play various different musical instruments. Yeah that’s what I thought.

Time passed and life happened my music time lessened as did my art, but never fully went away. On the nights that I was filled with hormonal emotions and felt like I was the only person who was ever sad I painted. Painting soon became my outlet and I embraced it completely. I do have to say though painting can be quite the expensive hobby, but then again all hobbies are expensive. Ha.

More years passed and here I am now Married with a kid and fighting for my mental capabilities to heal. After my son turned one I discovered that I was suffering from Hashimotos Autoimmune disorder which in turn caused me to have hypothyroidism.

(Side Note)

Personally, If I’m going to have a disorder I think it should have an awesome name, and Hashimotos is so cool. I feel like I have an anime disorder, which I do.

(back to what I was saying)

The most sever symptom that I have suffered is my loss of memory and ability to grow my fabulous hair like I used to. Yes I am devastated by the amount of time it takes to grow out my hair.

The change in my memory caused me to need to be a stay at home mom since I couldn’t trust my mind in a working situation. After time for healing and growing I have found myself once again drawing.

I began Created By Nerds as a way to work from home and be with my son and avoid working for someone else since I still have my own little P.T.S.D. to deal with in the working environment. The idea of creating designs that put smiles on peoples faces with some of the quirky things I think or say gave me hope and purpose.

The designs started out small and simple but over time more of my designs have my own hand draw art incorporated into the designs. Now, almost two years after the start of the company all the designs are draw by hand or digitally created by myself. I feel like something inside of me that has always been there is reignited and give me this fire to push forward.

So here I am now almost two years into having this little shop. Join me in this blog as Created By Nerds and myself grow in our artistic skills, fandom exploration and great shocks of what we find in the great wild wondrous world.


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