Lego Creation Contest

Lego Creation Contest

Legos, building blocks and every other form of connecting toys are so amazing and fun to play with. In celebration with launching Created by Nerds new blog series Tinker Time with Kari we are holding a Lego Creation Contest. There is no age limit on this so if the adults want to enter along with their kids go for it! The rules are the same for each entry. 

1. Make a creation from your imagination

2. Take a photo of yourself with your creation.

3. Submit photo and brief explanation of what your creation is to by 1/25 (If you are unable to email your submission you may contact us through IG or Facebook as well) 

4. Judging will be held in the CBN Amazazing Nerd Folk Group on FB and winner will be announced 1/28

5. 1 entry will win a shirt with our New Lego themed Design (Not Released yet)

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