Lemons and Limes All Year Long

Lemons and Limes All Year Long

So what would you say to a fresh Key Lime pie in the winter or a Key Lime Margarita on the fly? Heck yeah! But hey that might be just me. I have found a handy little trick that I have fallen in love with, Frozen lemon and lime juice. It all started when I was going to make a key lime pie and had the hardest time finding the little buggers at the store. I didn't think it would have been that difficult. So being the stubborn person who doesn't like to be constrained by, growing seasons, I plotted and found a way around mother nature. HAHA

I using key limes today since I'm all out, but this technique is great for lemons and limes as well.

Supplies needed:

key limes/ lemons/ limes
cutting board
paper towel (not shown but highly recommended)
hand juicer
tea strainer
measuring spoons
measuring cup or regular bowl
ice cube trays 

After opening up your key limes out you need to cut them in half. There are actually two ways you can cut the limes depending on your preference. You can cut them in half as shown below or you can cut off the end on two opposite sides of the lime. Both ways give about the same amount of juice just less cutting when cutting in half.


Place the lime open side down in the juicer and juice into the measuring cup or bowl. You may need to squeeze a couple of times manipulating the lime into different positions.

Now, remember that paper towel I suggested. Yeah. You might want to put it under the bowl you are juicing into. Prevents a sticky mess.

squeezing limes juice

Depending on what you are juicing you will yield different amounts of juice. I got about 1 1/4 cups of juice from the 2 bags or 39 key limes that I juiced.

Next, using a tablespoon and a tea strainer you can pour 1 tablespoon of key lime juice into the ice trays. This will help in catching any seeds or pulp that have come through.

Once full, time for the freezer!

Now, I wouldn't recommend doing this if you have any cuts on your hand. Ouch!

But there you go a handy little trick that I have fallen in love with. Who wouldn't want to have fresh key lime, lemon, or lime juice on hand for cooking or drinks?

Oh! and another tip is this is great to do when you find a big bag in the clearance section at the grocery stores. They are perfect for juicing and it doesn't matter that they have a short lifespan. Perfect!

What's one of your favorite tricks? Please share I love learning new ones.



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