Mamma Nerds Top 5 Anime to get you from Sad to Happy

Mamma Nerds Top 5 Anime to get you from Sad to Happy

Happiness isn't always something that comes to us easily. There are times where this mama struggles to put a smile on her face, and honestly, I don't always succeed. 

We all have our methods to pull ourselves out of those depression funks, and they aren't always the same method every time. One of my go-to methods is binging on anime. 

I heart anime


I have a list of shows that are just downright silly and uplifting in spirit. I would like to share with you my top 5 list of Anime that brings me out of any down in the dumps funk. I know many of you might not be into anime, and probably find it silly. 

That is exactly why I LOVE it! 

I LOVE silly.

There are so many amazing anime shows out there, but I will tell you these shows make my list because no matter what episode I pick they are all uplifting. They are silly, pervy and downright hysterical. That is how they bring me out of my sadness funk. 

5. Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon?

This is one of my most recent additions to my "Get me out of this funky mood" anime list. In a world with God among us, Hestia has captured my attention as someone who appreciates everything she is given. Hestia only has Bell who desperately wanted to become an adventured, but was turned away from all other families (Gods). He and Hestia are just the cutest of characters as they work to help each other build and grow. 

4. Maid Sama!

I have to say I found it quite difficult not to fall for this guy myself so it isn't a surprise when Misaki finally admits to herself that she likes him as well. I mean come on who wouldn't fall for a guy that is quick witted and can cook? I call that a winning combination. 

3. Devil is a Part Timer

I don't know about you, but I would expect to find the Devil working part-time at a MgRonalds (not a typo). What I didn't expect is for him to be so kind-hearted and thoughtful towards everyone around him. I love all the characters in this show and all the adventures that they get themselves into. 

2. Ouran High School Host Club

Everyone loves a good man pretending to be a woman story right? Well, in this Host club we have a woman pretending to be a man and getting all the guys to fall for her in the process. Showing that even though she is from a lower class than them all, that she has more class than anyone. 

1. Heaven Lost Property

This is one of all time favorite ridiculous stories about a boy name Tomoki who only wants to live a quiet life in his small little town. However; destiny has another idea for Tomoki. He lands himself of adventure, mystery and multiple angels wanting to be his servant. Tomoki may be just a pervy high school student, but he has a heart big enough for everyone to look past the underwear love.  

If you haven't ever seen these shows I would really recommend them. They have lifted my spirits many a day. If you love your anime just like myself let me know. Do you think there is a show that should be on this list? I am always looking for another good silly anime. It is always good to have a go-to when lifting your spirits.  


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