Just who is Mimyku

Just who is Mimyku

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February 27th is Pokémon Day. Did you know that? 

This annual celebration is based on the release of the Pokémon Red and Green and really it is just fun. As an avid Pokémon lover I like to take the entire month to look back on all the Pokémon that I have loved over the years. 

You see. I am what you call an OG Pokémon lover. I was there front and center when it started. Well, maybe not front and center, but I was there in the corner by myself collecting my cards with Generation I. 

Over the years I have gone back to Pokémon so many times and now as my son loves them as much as I do I get to experience them again. 

Not only do I get to experience them again I get to love new ones. As we approach February 27th I thought I would release new Pokémon pieces I have been working on. 

mimyku digital art piece by kari koenig

I would like to introduce Mimyku! Isn't he adorable. I decided I really needed to know more about this character so I went and did a little research. 

Mimyku is the only dual type Pokémon being a Ghost/Fairy type. As such if Mimyku were to die it would become shiny and be a Ghost allowing it to float. 

Mimyku is not known to evolve, but does change disguises. The disguise is a sack bag that Mimkyu decorates personally to look like Pikachu. 

Mimyku disguise itself as Pikachu because he/she wants to have friends and since Pikachu is one of the most popular Pokémon Mimyku decides this is the best choice. 

No one really knows what Mimyku looks like, and it is suggested that this is because if you were to see Mimyku you would either die or become very ill. This is why Mimyku wears the disguise. The disguise also helps protect Mimyku from the sun as this is one of its weaknesses. 

The only portion of the body that we do ever see of Mimyku are its shadowy hands and lower body appendages that that can be seen poking out the bottom of the disguise. 

Would you like to know more about Mimyku or other Pokemon? Leave a comment and I'll add more of the awesome information I found. 


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