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Kari Koenig

I like to think that I learn something new everyday. Sometimes the things I learn aren't very exciteing and are just tucked away for a random fact at a later time. Than there are times, when what I learn just puts a big 'Ol smile on my face. 
Last year I learned one of those kind of facts. January 13ths is National Rubber Ducky Day. 
What?! I know right that is pretty awesome. I am aware that there is basically a national day for everything, but that doesn't take away from the awesomeness that is the Rubber Ducky. 
Traditionally, Rubber Ducky is associated as a bath toy thanks to Sesame Street, and Ernie's bath time fun.
It was Sesame Street who incidentally gave notice to Rubber Ducky's birthday. 
On an episode in 1973 Sesame Street had a calendar up and it showed that rubber duckies birthday was January 13th. 
The origins of Rubber Ducky began much earlier than 1973. The first known appearance of rubber ducky was during World War I with the us or rubber and vinyls beginning to appear. 
Rubber Ducky's first appearance in the patent office what that of a design by Landon Smart Lawrence filed in 1925 and granted in 1928. The patent drawing of the first Rubber Ducky isn't that of the ducky we all think about today. The design of the now familiar Rubber Ducky wasn't created and filed for patent until 1947 by a Russian sculptor Peter Ganine and granted 1949. 
So everybody's ever ending question of what is the purpose of a rubber ducky. It turns out with the original patent filing rubber ducky was described to be a chew toy for little kids (hahaha). A little kid chew toy. That is amazing. I suppose it was like anything,  the purpose of a rubber ducky is for the child's imagination to do as what they will. Personally, I don't like rubber duckies in the water because the water gets trapped and grows mildew and I'm OCD. So yucky. 
What do you use your rubber ducky for?
One of the actives we save to do with our Rubber ducky's is we add them to the Rubber Ducky Tree we have here in Las Vegas. It is part of the Rubber Ducky Trail on the southwest part of town. The trail itself isn't very intense, but it sure is a fun ride. We save them when we find them since once a year the tree is cleared off of the ducky's and it starts over. 
Family Photo on Rubber Ducky Trail
So the next time you are in Las Vegas maybe you should hit the trail and visit the Rubber Ducky trail. 
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