Nerdy mama's top 4 Halloween decorating projects with kids

Nerdy Mama's Top 4 Halloween Decorating Projects with Kids

The holidays are always a tricky time of year for mothers. I generalize this only because of the stereotype. Growing up having female figures to look up to like Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker I feel compelled to have this perfect image for my children. I want them to experience having the wonderfully decorated house, the amazing costume of whatever they want to be. All the while having the house clean and dinner prepared perfectly.

Unfortunately, I live on the planet earth and not inside my television where all these things take place.

So we make compromises with ourselves to give them a little of everything.

Halloween is one of those holidays we love to decorate for. I would love to have decorations and food prepared like Martha, but I’m going to settle for awesome kid friend decorations I can do with my son. So the only thing I have to concern myself with is allowing him to do it and not let my OCD get in the way.

Some of the best decorations that I have found that the kids love the most don’t even cost much if anything. Here are 4 of my favorite decor ideas that I do with the kids.

1. Milk Jug Ghosts

milk jugs decorated to look like ghosts

This is one of my favorite decorations to do with the kids because they really get to show their creativity and it is really difficult to make a ghost look bad. The first time I saw this done they used white lights inside the jug and plugged them in. You can also use a glow stick inside of the jug or an electric tea light. I did learn an awesome trick if the weather gets crazy. If you fill them with water it holds them in place. The glow stick works really well with this as nothing is damaged by the water. What is great about his project is all you need a milk jug and a sharpie! Well, that and a little creativity.

2. Mummy Door Decor

front doors decorated with crepe paper to look like mummies

There really isn’t anything better than a wonderfully spooky front door for all the kids to get scared by, but in this case, a wonderfully friendly mummy is just as amazing. This mummy door is a hit no matter what. The first year we pulled this door decor off we went with the traditional white crepe paper to give our front door the mummy look. However; my son is now four and is very adamant about certain things and since blue is his favorite color he needed a blue mummy. I have used the same eyes and mouth for my mummy for 5 years in a row. The crepe paper is so cheap and you only need one roll.

3. Magnetic spiders

metal door with plastic spiders crossed the door

A personal favorite of yours truly is the magnetic spiders. This gets people every time they go to leave my house. I especially love how it scares my roommate late at night when he isn’t aware of his surroundings. They are just so wonderfully creepy without doing anything special. To make this project you probably would want to do it alone and then you can let your kids put them up however they like. To create these wonderful spiders all you need is plastic spider rings. You know the super cheap ones that hurt to wear. Cut off the ring part and then hot glue a time bit of magnetic stripping, can be found at any craft store. Than boom. Creepiness at your fingertips.

4. Bats Bat and more Bats

Paper bats on wall looking as if they are flying

This last project I do is pretty basic. I use an outline of a bat and I cut it out with black paper. I take the bat folding the wings in as to make it look like it is moving than attach it to the wall or even plants. The first time I used bats I only put them on one wall where it looked like they were flying after people. I decided that I wanted more

paper bats glued to twigs for Halloween decoration

I made a smaller version of the bats and hot glued them sticks I have in a vase for decor. It’s simple but I love the way it looks.

bats hanging off a mailbox, Halloween decoration

.I made a smaller version of the bats and hot glued them sticks I have in a vase for decor. It’s simple but I love the way it looks. Still not enough for me though. I finally ended up with a second outline of the bats where it looks like they are hanging from the ceiling. I love this because I hang them all over the house for a subtle hint of Halloween. The kids love running around and deciding where the bats will be this year.

anneli with milk jug ghostsKaleb wearing a spiderman beanie mask


Well, those are my 4 absolute favorite decorations that I love to make with the kids. They are fun easy and really you don’t need a lot of time or money to do any of them. They aren’t up there with Martha or Betty, but you know I have learned that if the kids are happy I really am too.

What is your favorite decoration to do with the kids?

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