Pie is a constant in my family. We have pie at birthdays, Family holidays, random other gatherings and there is even pie when we really just want pie. As long as I can remember I've been making a pie with either my mother or one of my grandmother's on either side of the family. However; back then I used a very different recipe.

About 8 years ago I was making a pie for my boyfriend and his family. Using the same old recipe that I've been using for years. However, this time felt like something out of a groundhog day. No matter how many times I prepared the recipe it just kept coming out very runny and gross.

Determined to make my pie I found a new recipe, which quickly became the one pie crust to rule them all.  The new recipe uses butter compared to the previous that used shortening. There were a few slight differences, but really the butter changes everything.

There has been a long debate over the years of what's better shortening or butter and honestly, it all depends on what you like from your pie crust.  Shortening has a higher melting point which causes the pie crust to be flakier compared to other fats used.  This also allows for more time to handle the dough. Personally, I haven't been able to tell the difference between the flakiness as I work with my pie crust fairly quickly but that's due to years of experience I suppose. 

What is your favorite pie crust recipe? Let me know your thoughts 

apple and pecan pie

pie crust recipe box


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