Introducing a Baking Nerd

Introducing a Baking Nerd

After a weekend spent in the kitchen have been reminded of my great love that is baking. I love baking and growing up with the last name of Baker I was prone to all the jokes, but you know what. I loved those too. Why yes I would love to bake you a cake. What flavor would you like?

hands holding a cake and berries

While I didn't bake any cakes this weekend I did try out a new keto recipe for waffles and a yummy version of blueberry muffins. My husband tends to refer to any recipe that is gluten free or keto as "fake". So I go back and forth a lot, more yumminess for me to try I guess.

Currently, I'm testing the waters before taking the full plunge into a keto diet. It is very difficult to go into full force when my husband still wants his carbs.

I find that baking is one of my nerdy happy places. I know baking isn't one of the subjects people really think you can be a nerd about but trust me you can.

I love baking, cooking and we'll food, but not just that I love all that goes into the preparation. I love watching people while they work and learning to techniques. I am not the best, but I do love working in my skills.

strawberry pie

Are you a baking nerd? Take a look at how I make my pie crust. It's simple. It's delicious, but apparently, it takes technique to get it just right.

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