Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/smartseo.liquid How I lost My V-Card to Zelda

Kari Koenig

Today I lost my virginity to the Legend of Zelda. (pause for dramatic effect)
Evolution of Link from the Legend of Zelda SMLXL
That's right you read that right. In honor of 32nd anniversary of the release of The Legend of Zelda I decided I need to try playing the game.
For the First time.
Growing up in a house with a computer engineer as a father video game consoles weren't anything we had. 
"I'm sure they will release the game for PC and we will get that"
The ever-memorable words my Father would tell my brother and myself each and every time there was a game or system that we wanted. 
Over time,  I just found other interests and never really got a chance to play it. I have been told over and over that I need to play it because I am a girl and I will love it. (I then proceeded to slap my husband across the chest for being a brat)
So why Now? Why not. Who wouldn't want to celebrate the anniversary of a game with playing video games? 
I need you to imagine, me, Kari sitting on her couch surrounded by children and animals attempting to log into this game for the first time. 
I read all the beginning introduction of the story so I would know what is going on. (Still utterly confused)
I know there are girls missing and that I, Link, need to go and rescue Zelda. Because I am Link, not Zelda. This is something that does get a lot of people confused. The hero of these quests is Link. Not Zelda. 
Now, I'm sitting on the couch and in the first scene, Link is in bed. His father or mother (I'm not really sure because they all look the same, as you can see to the right) tell link they are leaving and that he is to stay home. 
So what do we do? 
Ahhh we get up and leave the house of course. Just like any angst teenager. Going against the wishes of their parent (I'm laughing really hard at this point because that's funny right there)
This is where it gets hilarious.I really should record myself playing video games. 
I get myself locked out of the portion of the game and all I can do is zoom in and out of the map overview. I thought leaving the house and walking out the front yard walkway I would be making the right move. NO! (house and opening are below)
SLXLMLinks house in Legend of Zelda link to the past
I had to first text my husband telling him what I did.
Second, I looked it up on YouTube. I failed by the way. I couldn't find the correct Legend of Zelda game with information. I finally found a video that would help me START THE GAME because my husband sent me a link. 
As you can imagine I felt... well silly and bummed that once again my husband out teched me. 
I watched the video and figured out what I needed to do.
I began to enjoy myself at this point. Slowly learning how to just the control and open things and jump. (Go me)
I made my way to the castle, finding my way in through the secret passage. I wandered around the castle halls for a bit learning how to fight and finding the ever loved Life heart. I died a couple times and then began finding myself into a bit of trouble and died a couple more times. 
Frustration began to take me over right about now as I was having human error issues. The darn map screen kept popping up showing where I was in the castle. I mean what is up with that. The screen would go back and forth between the map and a guard cornering me. 
So I died. Again. 
It was sad. I was sad. 
This as far as I have gotten to with Zelda. I am not finished. I will continue. (shaking hand up in the air)
Let me know your thoughts and if you are interested I'll go live playing video games and you can laugh your booty off. 
What is your favorite video game?  

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