Twelve Compliments for you Favorite Nerd or Geek

Twelve Compliments for you Favorite Nerd or Geek

Growing up I was a very shy person. I say “was” only because people wouldn’t believe me if I said that I’m still shy. Receiving a compliment isn’t something I have ever been good at. I have a tendency at making a joke about myself and disregarding it. 

Kari Koenig not accepting a compliment

[ Kari not accepting a compliment ]

What I need to do is be better at giving and receiving compliments. So I am. 

This January 24 is National Compliment day and I want to share the message. If you haven’t given someone a compliment recently than I think you should take the day to send a message to someone. 

I think you should share not just any compliment with your friend or fellow. Share with them just how nerdy you are or you feel they are. Give the gift of a smile with a nerdy compliment. 

Check out just a few of the hilarious amazing compliments I have discovered for this National Compliment day. 

Do you have a favorite compliment that describes someone's amazing geek or nerd aspects? Share them in the comments below and lets keep the gift of smiles going as we share a compliment with someone everyday. 

Happy National Compliment Day. 

If you are interested in learning a little about the history of a compliment you can check



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