Witchy Black Cat Coloring Page

Witchy Black Cat Coloring Page

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Halloween is upon us and that means spooky coloring pages! I decided that for the first coloring pages this month would be my girl Blair from Soul Eater.
If you aren't familiar with this anime show it is pretty awesome.  Just think the Grim reaper (the good guy and head master of a school), witches and other magical peeps running amuk. Blair, originally thought to be a witch, is only a magical cat but full of spunk!  You can find the coloring page here
Witchy Black Cat coloring page with water mark
We would love to see what your Witchy Black (or other color) Cat coloring page looks like when you are done with it. Please feel free to share it with us by tagging us at #CBNcolors so we can see and share your amazing work. 
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