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Who doesn't love a good spooky coloring page?
I know I do and especially if it is someone adorable like Pikachu. I love this little
yellow electric mouse. He is even more adorable spooky and ready for the season of pumpkins, candies and ghosts roaming the streets. 
Who would you like to see next in a a spooky costume? Bulbasaur? Togepi? Let's get all the gang together and get some spooky coloring pages going. 
You can find the coloring page here
Witchy pikachu on pumpkin coloring page
We would love to see what your Witchy Yellow (or other color) Electric Mouse coloring page looks like when you are done with it. Please feel free to share it with us by tagging us at #CBNcolors so we can see and share your amazing work. 
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