You are the Pumpkin of my Pie

You are the Pumpkin of my Pie

Thanksgiving is upon us and we all know what that means…

Turkey. Stuffing. Cranberry Sauce and PIE!

These iconic elements are what make up our traditional idea of the Thanksgiving meal. If asked what do you think of when you think of a Thanksgiving meal these are the things you think of. I do know that it isn’t what we all have for Thanksgiving, and I do love switching it up.

I love preparing the Thanksgiving meal. It has a way of making me feel like a 50’s Mom where I have my shit together. I mean we all know that isn’t true, but for one day I get to pretend that everything is fantastic and perfect because honestly, it is.

I get to spend the day with family cooking, watching the Cowboys play and yelling at the dogs to get out of the kitchen. In a word it’s amazing. Life is a jumble of constant chaos, but the wonderful thing about Thanksgiving is that it is about being content, happy and thankful with what you have in life.

I do strive to be thankful all year round, but let’s be honest as much as we try we are human and we do forget from time to time.

Ahh well, I’m getting away with myself.

FOOD! I love to make food and my family has some pretty yummy dishes that staple items for this particular meal. In the Koenig household, I like to cover all my bases and usually, I cook both a Turkey and a Ham. This is due to the differences in the traditions that my husband grew up with and myself. Plus, come on can you really have too many leftovers? No. I didn’t think so.

I did decide to add some new dishes to the mix after meeting my husband. One of which is our green bean casserole. Growing up I didn’t ever find myself having green bean casserole so I didn’t really understand all the excitement about it until I met my husband.

His mother’s Green Bean Casserole was and is still his favorite dish that she makes. So being a good wife I got the recipe from her and now continue on in her stead making this butter and cheese filled the delicious dish. I mean come on beans, cheese, butter, corn flakes. It really can’t get any better than that.

pumpkin pie

I do have one dish that is all my own though. Pie. Pie is my thing. I love pie. I love to make it, eat it, smell it. Mmmmm I mean it is just so yummy.

I have a tendency of going overboard when it comes to making my pies though. I feel that making just one pie isn’t good enough. I mean what if we want more pie than that. So I make at least two pies usually three. I mean it isn’t going to go to waste in my family (I have a large family)

During the holiday season though I live for Pumpkin pie. I know that I can make it anytime, but I just don’t seem to make it outside the months of September – December.

I did want to share with you my little slice of heaven with you, my pumpkin pie reciepe, and if you haven’t checked out my pie dough post “One Pie Dough to Rule Them All” then you should check that one out too. My pie dough is unbelievable. I know I’m a little bias, but eh what can I say I have tried a lot of pie dough. If you haven’t tried making pumpkin pie. DO IT! I know some don’t like the texture, but if you haven’t tried it than you don’t know.

Let me know what you try. I would love to hear from you. Check out my recipe below.

So what are you making for Thanksgiving dinner this year? Do you have any traditional items that you would love to share? Leave a comment of one of your families traditional Thanksgiving meal items.


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