Mother's Day: Simple Things You Can Do for Your Mom

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Holidays can be a stressful time for many because we really just can’t afford to buy the gifts that we want to for people. Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that can be stressful because it is honor of your mother.

I mean you don’t want to screw it up or your mother will not let you live it down right?

You think that just because you don’t live at home you can skip do you? I know that is what my husband thinks.

It really doesn’t need to be as stressful and complicated as all that because really we “Mother’s” of the house aren't that complicated. I quote that only because as we all know this person isn’t always a woman or even really your mom.

We want to hear. “I Love You, Mom” 

Little boy smiling with his eyes closed with cookie crumbs acrossed his face

But not just the words people we want it with the heartfelt look of honesty.

After that we would love some physical expressions of your great appreciation for us, but if you can’t physically be there then send an e-card or better yet a picture of the two of you when you were younger.

This shows you put thought into it and BAM! You didn’t have to spend a bunch on a fancy necklace.

Not that we don’t all love to get shiny things, but we can’t all afford shiny things.

If you are like many who can’t afford to spend that kind of money or you are the kind of family who don’t do gifts (like mine) there are other ways to express yourself.

Here are some simple things you can do for your “Mother” to express your appreciation for everything she has done for you.

Let Her Sleep In

First things first. Let the woman sleep in. Well, this holds true if she is the sort to not automatically wake up early. I hear some people do this, but personally I think they are just a myth.

cat laying down on its back asleep

Coffee / Tea is Perfect for Breakfast in Bed

Depending on what this fabulous person loves to drink in the morning go that extra mile and make them a glass in the morning. I highly recommend this especially if you are as talented at making yummy drinks like my husband

I am one of those who can't eat early in the morning, but if you Mother is like my husband and becomes an angry minion be kind and make her something yummy. Does she have a favorite breakfast item? Strawberries? Bananas. Mmmm I want oatmeal now. 

coffee in bed

Give the Woman a Hand

Help out with any of the chores/ tasks that are on the list, and trust me there is a list, of things that need to be done. This doesn’t have to be an all day thing, but really taking one or even dare say I two tasks off the list that never shrinks does warm our little hearts.

Find out if the “Mother” of the House would like to have a quiet day alone or do something fun. I mean we don’t always want to go out and party with the girls.

Bubble Baths for the Win

    As we all know just because a day is a “Holiday” doesn’t mean our bodies or minds want anything to do with it. That being said sometimes the best thing is to ask and create a plan from there. If mom doesn’t feel well find out if she would like a nice bath.

    feet popping out of bubble bath

    Family Time

    Sometimes the corniest ideas are the best… Really, I’m not lying. We mothers love to get all mushy with the idea of us all spending time together. For this it can be simple.

    1. Watch a Movie you all have been wanting to see either at the theater or at your house (for those of us who really don’t like theaters)
    2. Play a game together. Games are a great way for the family to interact with each other and grow together even when they aren’t trying. The variety of games that are out there now are just insane. My son is currently 4 almost 5 so the level of complexity of the games is limited, but some of the best games are simple.
    3. Get outside! Go for a Hike. Go fishing. Go ride a bike. Go to the park and have a nice picnic. Really the ideas for outdoor activities is pretty extensive. Getting outside is not only healthy but really just brings the family together. s the family grows up getting outside and into nature will always stay with them.

    family at the races smiling

    Mothers are human and we unlike that of robots need to be shown that we are seen and not forgotten. Don’t forget to express how much you appreciate the person who takes care of/ or did take care of you when you are sick.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the people that are Mother’s in one way or another. It is a tough job that we thought we knew we were getting ourselves into, but we were so wrong. It is so so so much better than we ever thought.

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