For some of us Art is in our blood and we can’t help be expressing ourselves in our art. These are the people that help us express our Nerdiness.





I have been drawing and painting for as long as i can remember, but honestly on some days that isn't really saying much (mom brain). As a child my dream job was to write children's books and illustrate them myself, but after years of never being able to finish the story I just find myself drawing and painting. I love to dabble in different style of drawing and painting as i am still trying to discover "my" style in the art world






Mrs. Kelly is a recent addition to the created by nerds family, but not to mine. This lovely lady is the niece to the one and only Kari (see above). There is so much that can be said about this girl as an artist, but what I find the most amazing is she is always experimenting with her art.




amanda laduke


Crochet Machine. Amanda is a wonder mother, wife and more recenlty Accountant. New to the world of creating Amanda began down this road as a way to relieve stress. As we know work, school and being a mom is stressful. Amanda began her journey with blankets, beanies and scarves and more recently began making little characters. Her favorite to make are cats as she is the crazy cat lady at work.