Upcoming Events


Oct. 1-3 Unicon , Las Vegas NV 
Oct. 7-10 Clexacon, Las Vegas NV (Tentative)
Oct. 16-17 Handmade Haven: Facebook Auction Group
October 22-24 Get Geeked Auctions : Come to the Darkside Auction: Instagram Auction
Nov. 14th Rouge toys : West Rogue Toys toy swap 2115 S. Rainbow blvd
Nov. 20-21 Handmade Haven: TV Shows: Facebook Auction Group
Nov. 21st 11 am- 5 pm:  Market in the Alley
Nov. 26-28 Get Geeked Auctions : Black Friday: Instagram Auction
Nov. 27th: Market in the Alley Small Shop Saturday Sale : 11 am - 5 pm
Dec.10-12 Get Geeked Auctions : Holiday Freestyle Sale: Instagram Auction